How to Add Webinars to Your Business – The Easy Way


One of the best profit producing promotional strategies that you can use in your business is a live webinar.

But running a successful live webinar that puts money in your bank account requires following a proven 4-phase blueprint.

4 Simple Steps…

Today, I’m going to share with you the first of those phases…

#1: Preparation.

Now this isn’t how you prepare your content (you’re the expert on that one) or even your sales message (that’s a topic for another email training series)… but the mechanics and marketing of running the live webinar itself.

In the preparation phase you will decide how you want your content presented. Depending on the webinar service you use, you may be able to run pre-recorded videos, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, share your computer screen or even show yourself on a webcam.

The best format you can do is to start with a webcam view so your audience gets to see you, then after your introduction switch to slides for your content presentation.

Consider which medium works best for your message though as some niches respond much different than others.

When it comes to the mechanics of presenting a live webinar to a mass audience, the clear winner is Google Hangout On Air.  It's so easy, and has huge potential for any business.

Unlike other unreliable webinar services, that cost upwards of $500 a month and are limited. Hangouts are backed by Google and Youtube, so you don’t need to worry about servers crashing and recordings failing. And best of all- they are free!

However, for marketers there are some serious problems with Hangouts. One of the biggest downsides is that you’re limited to just 10 participants. Of course can watch your stream but there’s no way of interacting with them making it difficult to run Q&A sessions, polls, or a any kind of group chat. And forget about sharing a link with them to purchase anything.

Of course this sort of interaction and active participation significantly boosts sales conversions and so is an absolute must. That’s why many reluctantly pay the ridiculous prices and suffer through the lousy technology of other webinar software.

Well that was until now.

Thanks to a couple of friends, Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime, who’ve created a software that takes the powerful marketing tools that you might see in other webinar software, and applied it to Google Hangouts On Air.

All of the marketing power, but at a much more affordable option than you might imagine, considering Google Hangouts does all the heavy lifting for you.

Once you’ve prepared your content and the platform you’re using for your webinar, the next phase (phase #2) is Promotion – and i’ll get to that in the next day or two.

When choosing a webinar software, yo need to consider the one created by the giants of the industry – the world’s most reliable webinar platform (Google Hangouts) with the most powerful marketing features… created by Andy & Mike (Get WebinarJam)

Allyn Cutts