Never Lose Your Data Again... Simple System That Backups & Restores 24/7/365

Sponsored by Quirkel | First Date Aired: April 14, 2020 

What Happens When Your Website Gets Hacked, Deleted, Or Destroyed?

Hackers have dark web communities hidden deep in the cracks of the internet where thousands of them find weaknesses and entry points in software we use on our websites.

They share the holes they find with each other and create a virtual army of ninja hackers that are able to sneak onto your server and unleash havoc.

They edit files, They send malicious spam emails by the thousands, and they replace your website’s pages with their own.

So, what should you do to win the fight with these slimeball hackers Create backups on top of backups on top of backups.

Most importantly, you have to be able to deploy your backups on top of their malicious code quickly.

Join this training and discover:

  • How to save & backup EVERYTHING with a Single Push of a Button.
  • Why you should schedule future backups of your websites & autoresponders.
  • If hacked, how you can just Point & Click Restore.