Lead Generation

The primary role of marketing is to drive revenue.

It starts with lead generation.

At Cutts Group, we get it. We come from a sales background. We spent many years as bag-carrying sales executives. We also carried the quotas that go with that role, and agonized over the strength of our sales funnels. That’s why we founded a marketing company that focuses on effective lead generation!

We aim to enable you to generate more and better leads so that you can grow your company. Sure, we design beautiful websites and write great content – but in the end it’s all about the leads.

Cutts Group Marketing & Sales Automation

We all want better leads

Not all leads are created equally – we know that. We also understand how much time is spent chasing poor leads and the impact this has on your sales funnel, revenue targets and morale.

That’s why we started Cutts Group, to create a better lead generation engine combining hard-nosed strategies and cutting-edge creativity.

And it’s beautiful when it all comes together like a finely-tuned machine delivering a predictable flow of sales-ready leads feeding the sales team and fueling your company’s growth.

Let’s talk about building a B2B lead generation machine for you.

Cutts Group Marketing & Sales Automation

Cutts Group lead generation services

Cutts Group specializes in B2B lead generation services. We understand that B2B lead generation is different
from B2C lead generation. Here are some of our lead generation services:

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • AdWords and other search advertising
  • Facebook ads and other social media advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Account-based advertising
  • Social selling
  • Telemarketing and lead qualification
  • And more…

Need to up your lead generation game? Let’s talk.

Cutts Group Marketing & Sales Automation

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