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7 Ways Google+ Makes Since For SEO

7 Ways Google+ Makes sense for SEO

Google+ has so far not been taken very seriously by businesses aiming to market their products and services. This is quickly changing! Google+ has now positioned itself nicely to challenge Facebook as a major social network for business. Websites using the +1 Button increase page traffic by 350%, and over 925,000 people join Google+ each day! Put together all the functionality of your Google account, and big search engine benefits, SEO Services Sydney you have something we can get excited about.

How to utilize your Google+ Local listing

Here are seven ways to get your Google+ page to help your business.

  1. Your Google+ profile – Complete it. Do this with some thought. Make sure you use engaging photos and images, and link to your other social media profiles.
  2. List your key information – In particular hours of operation, contact details, as well as maps and directions.
  3. Link to your blog or site – Make sure you link to your main business blog or site. This will provide added traffic and a great link.
  4. Create your business page –You can create content of any length, including video. This has strong benefits for search results as well as for folks that find you on Google+.
  5. Link to your other content – Link out to your blog posts. In addition to having them indexed nearly instantly, this also has a number of SEO advantages. You can also use your Google+ page to create posts, complete with multimedia that can link to your pages elsewhere. The possibilities are staggering.
  6. Utilize Direct Connect – Utilize this feature in Google+ to let people to add you to circles whenever they find you in search. Think of this as a Facebook “Like”.
  7. Use video chat in Google+ Hangouts – Whenever you hold a video chat, Google+ streams it, records it, and sends you the recording via email. You can then upload to YouTube if you want, or use it on your site or in private. One fantastic way to use it is to create impromptu product demos.

This barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with Google+ on starting your own blog. To discover even more strategies as well as a cool infographic on the subject see this post on CopyBlogger.

June 29, 2011

Three SEO Tips You Can Act On Now

*** One ***
Ever wondered how a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo works, and how it affects your business?

The search engines (SEs) use robots, or crawlers, also called a “spider.” That's an automated program that sifts through your site, indexes the content, and returns all that information to Google (or Bing.)

Think of it as a book, where it contains a table of contents — your contents of your site.

So when a prospect is out there searching using Google (or Bing), the SE is actually searching through your index. Different SEs produce different results and rankings — which is why you see your business rank different in Google or Bing!

*** Two ***
The MOST popular way to find your business online today is still by a search engine like Google, or Bing. More than 90% of people online use them daily.

In other words, less than 10% of people use other methods to search for your business!

One of the most important factors is the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. This is called on-page optimization. Additionally, the SEs rate your off-page link structure (number of web pages linking to your site.) A well qualified SEO services company can help you with this.

But for now, know that Google ranks sites differently than Yahoo and Bing. They have a secret ranking algorithm to detect on-page and off-page optimization.

Advice: Focus on your on-page optimization BEFORE you venture off-page!

*** Three ***
Ever heard to term “keyword density”?  If you're focused on your online marketing, you probably have.

It's an indicator of how many times a keyword or keyphrase (ex: Chicago Plumber) appears on your web page. It's expressed as a percentage of total word count. Ex: 500 words, 3% kw density.

The ideal range I recommend is 2-4% kw density.

But here's the key: It needs to appear NATURAL. Start stuffing tons of “chicago plumber” all over your site, and the search engines (SEs) will actually PENALIZE your site!

Do you know what the keyword density is for your Home Page? About Us page? Contact Us page?

Might want to go check while you're thinking about it.