How to Promote Your Webinar: Make it Presidential

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The other day I covered the importance of preparing for your webinar by choosing between a slide presentation or webcam view (or both), and selecting the platform you want to use.

Hopefully, you got a chance to check out what I consider to be the world’s most reliable webinar platform enhanced by the world’s most powerful marketing features, Webinar Jam?

If not, I highly suggest you do that right now and then come back and read the rest of this email.

Ok, good…

Let’s dive into Phase 2 of running a successful live webinar – Promotion.

Now you could send your entire list directly to your live webinar… But to maximize your profits you’ll want to have them register for your event first.

To register, attendees usually just enter their name and email address. You might wonder why this step is necessary, when you’re just sending people from your list where you already have this information.

Requiring registration for your webinar accomplishes three things.

First, it allows you send announcement and reminder emails to the attendees to let them know that the live webinar is starting. You might not want to bother everyone on your list with these types of reminders if they haven’t expressed interest in the webinar.

Second, when an attendee registers you can place them on an autoresponder series that’s designed to provide them with more information about the topic of the webinar. Some Webinar software even allows you to create different lists based on whether the person didn’t show up, attended the live event or listened to the replay.

Finally, requiring registration to a live webinar allows you to grow your list when people see your social media activities or who receive your email announcements forward them on to their friends who may also be interested. This happens more often than you’d think- that’s the power of word of mouth marketing!

For a webinar system that allows list segmentation, pre and post webinar autoresponders, and even allows your attendees to register just by clicking a link, check out Webinar Jam here:

Do you know what the most powerful component of a live webinar presentation is?

Take a guess… I’ll reveal the answer next.

Allyn Cutts