How To Perfect Your Webinar Presentation


Ok here it is.

Whether you’re doing a webinar to deliver good will content, to make a sales presentation, or just interviewing another expert, they all have one goal in common.

You want your attendees to pay attention and absorb your message.

And that’s called engagement.

Engagement increases when viewers are presented with compelling content and a dynamic delivery.

Compelling content is about identifying the problem or pain your viewer is experiencing, then offering solutions to that problem.

Simply put, if you viewer wants to know the answers to their questions or concerns that you promise, they will stick around until they hear the solutions… provided your delivery doesn’t suck.

You don’t have to be a professional presenter to have dynamic delivery of the content on your webinar. Engagement rates stay high when the viewer experience is constantly shifting modalities.

So, instead of just presenting a set of slides and a lecture-style presentation, liven up your webinars by switching between your presentation slides, sharing your screen, showing a video or talking into your webcam.

But if you want to truly create the most powerful dynamic delivery, nothing compares to audience participation for boosting engagement.

So don’t hesitate to ask questions or poll your audience. This both creates engagement, but also gives you the opportunity to create social proof and even do a little market research in the process of your webinar.

The more your audience feels like they are interacting with you, the more likely they are to absorb your message.

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And stay tuned, I have one final tip in this 4-part series on webinars, for phase 4… Profit.

Allyn Cutts