June 30, 2011

Use Google Places to Skyrocket Your Local Business

Do you know what Google Places is?

It's a prominent, front page business listing complete with your address, web site URL, on Google's Map!

And it's FREE! 😉

For example, when people Search for a corgi registered plumber in Eastbourne, a business like yours appears #1 on the page. Imagine how much FREE traffic that could bring to your site!

One out of five searches on Google is related to location. Make sure your business is set up with your free listing so you can be found and are putting your best foot forward.

GP lets you claim a business listing on Google Maps so when someone types a search on Google your business shows on the map.

The benefit to your customers is they quickly find you — visually.

It can also quickly vault your business to the coveted #1 position on Google when someone searches locally. Let's face it: Everyone searches online today.

A recent survey said 43% of searches on Google are related to local services or business.

Make it a point this week to get your GP listing set up, or if we can help further, feel free to reach out to me.

Remember, 20% of ALL search on Google is for a local business. And that trend is growing… fast!

Many businesses sound a bit obscure to prospects. Make sure you add a keyword or phrase to give them a crystal clear idea of what you do. This will induce greater click thru, and traffic to your listing.

For example:
Bad Listing  — Chicago Plumber
Good Listing — Chicago Plumber | Drain & Clog Repair | Fix Broken Toilets

And make SURE you are using your LOCAL phone number with area code. Google prefers this over some vanity or 800# listing!

Remember “GP” is a prominent, front page business listing complete with your address, web site URL, on Google's Map! It's also FREE! 😉

My tip is simple, but CRITICAL: Always, always, always update your page whenever you have a change.

What kind of change? A change of address… or web site domain… or e-mail addresses, or telephone number… anything!

Google rewards you and your business for staying fresh, up-to-date and timely! And chances are your competitors are NOT doing this.

Also, don't forget what I told you before: Add a keyword or phrase to give potential customers a good idea of what you do.

This can help you skyrocket your local business to the top of the search pages… which means more potential business and money for you!

Allyn Cutts