Survey Your Clients: Are Your Using Client Satisfaction Surveys

Your Customers: Talking Trash or Making You Cash? Why You Should Know

Learning what your clients and customers really think about you can be both a fearsome and instructive thing. Doesn’t it only make sense to discover any problem areas or holes in your customer service you’re unaware of? The easiest method to obtain this type of information is to simply ask them! Developing a thoughtful customer survey can be a super tool to help you learn answers to questions you didn’t know you had!

So why ask questions at all?

The primary reason to ask is to head off potential problems and discover which of our ways are working and which are not. Usually, we never get negative feedback unless there’s an egregious error. Most people won’t bother; they’ll simply look elsewhere. In addition to that, they’ll probably tell their close friends and family about their experience with your company. They might even write a negative review on Yelp or Google Local. And their story will carry a lot of weight—even among people that aren’t in their social circles. As outlined by a study by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics, nearly three-quarters of U.S. consumers say they trust the information provided by total strangers online! Reported by over 50 percent of the buying public have issues or complaints with the products and services they purchase. Doing a survey that helps you identify and correct mistakes can be the difference between keeping a customer or not—and getting a good review or a bad one.

What sort of questions work best?

Know exactly what you intend to learn from your survey, and be sure that you ask questions that need more than a numerical value or checking a box. Don’t ask “Yes” or “No” questions because they don’t provide you with enough information. Enable your respondents to hold court on their experiences with your company.

How exactly should you hold the survey?

There are many ways to conduct a survey. However, if possible, the most effective way seems to be via an online survey, this provides the respondent a good chance to think about and form well thought-out answers, something that might not occur via a phone call or personal contact. Look at offering a bonus for filling out your survey, and try to be timely as to when you send it. If you are new to this, use a company who specializes in this type of data collection, such as SurveyMonkey. However you accomplish it, having a read on how your customers view your business is invaluable data to possess. Anyway you will be interested about this special

Allyn Cutts