May 16, 2011

Overcoming Information Overload

We have been talking about the key components of success and now I'd like to share with you my final one. It is the ability to process information.

There's more information and a review stockpair and paths to process than ever before. There's more stuff to know. There's more stuff to read. There's more stuff to listen to. There's more stuff to sort through in order to succeed in business.

I really can't call it a skill because I really didn't develop it wholly as a skill – but some may say one of my talents is speed reading with good comprehension. It is becoming increasingly important over the years. It's very valuable to me because I can get through a ton of stuff and I see the amount of stuff increasing year after year, month after month and as you get involved perhaps in more and more things and the more successful you get the more information you'll have to process. I subscribe to trade journals and newsletters and magazines today that I didn't know existed three years ago that I've got to get through to stay current on the things that we do. So there's more information than ever before to process so you've got to be a great organizer.

Kind of tied in with that is the organization of people resources. Your ability to get the most out of people and that really is a coaching kind of thing and this is just an incidental piece of information but it kind of shows you how big business prizes this.

An example of getting the most of your resources is utilizing webinars for a conference or seminar. That kind of thing does exist and will eventually become a key factor in how we distribute information.

In fact, many companies have taken advantage of that today like for their annual sales meetings. So that instead of the expense of putting all the sales people into one place they let the sales people go to 200 different places and they have the meeting anyway and in many cases that works fine.

You can even use this type of resource for coaching sessions. Executives from many of the Fortune 500s and many companies of all different sizes and types often come together for conferences to listen to coaches' talk to them about coaching techniques and how to apply them in the business environment and that is of supreme importance to you if you will be highly successful today.

So far I've shared with you what successful people are getting better and better at such as keeping control in today's overwhelming technology and being a great organizer of resources of people, of time, of money, of energy. In your next Amazing Marketing Strategy article, I will be sharing with you the greatest success commonality and the greatest success characteristics that spans all eras.

Dedicated To Your Further Success.

Allyn Cutts