March 12, 2012

4 Tried and True Techniques To Create Loyal Life-Long Customers

Let’s be honest… everybody knows that people are in business to make money. Yeah, customer’s know you’ve got our eyes set on making a profit, but they still want to believe that you are in business for more than just their money. Do your customers know that you really care about them? Here are 4 “tried and true” techniques to show them you care.

1. Be Personal
I recently walked into a well-known store and spoke with a salesperson who really seemed to have it going on. I felt pretty good about the interaction, until I walked away and heard him reciting the same spiel he had just used with me moments earlier.

Customers are looking for personal one-on-one recognition. In this automated world, they are used to feeling like just a number, and crave to have real interaction. Take the time to discover their lifestyle before you try to sell them a one-size-fits-all product. Think about the ways the product will benefit THEM.

You’ll find that there are pockets of people with similar interests and needs. Hey, that’s the perfect opportunity to customize your sales campaign to the needs of different market niches.

2. Look Out For The Customer
Sure, you’ve sat and listened to boring sales speaches that went on and on about every feature, aspect and guarantee a product had to offer. Yeah, BORING! Customers don’t give a hoot about the specific details and credentials of you and your product nearly as much as they want to know how it will benefit them.

Make sure your advertisements on the Web, sales letters, and other promotions point out the advantages to the customer. Keep the focus on them. How will the modern features make life easier? How will your credentials make you better equipped to help them?

3. Stay in Contact
There are a lot of customers who don’t buy on the first visit. Sure, there are a fair number of impulsive shoppers, but not everyone shells out the bucks the first time the idea pops into their head to make a purchase. Wise shoppers take a little time to consider it first.

What happens in the meantime? Well, that depends on you. Do you follow up regularly with customers? Give them a little additional information each time, and build a relationship of trust. Before long, you’ll have a loyal customer spreading the word about your business.

Internet marketers need to devise ways of getting email addresses to use for follow-up strategies. Free newsletters and complimentary reports are perfect for opening the door for future communications.

4. Be “Question Friendly”
Nothing says, “I really care,” like taking the time to thoroughly answer a question – no matter how small. Think of it this way… a customer who is asking questions is considering the possibility of making a purchase. Hey, it might not be today or tomorrow, but someday you’ll reap the benefits of the time you spend answering their questions.

Is it easy for your customers to ask a question? Now, I’m not talking about calling an automated answering service that you spend 25 minutes pushing buttons and end up back at the main menu. Can they ask questions, and get personal answers?

Always provide a phone number where a person can be reached, or an email address that someone will personally answer. You can save a lot of time by posting a frequently asked question page, where they can find answers without the effort of making contact.

Assuring customers of their importance is one of the greatest ways to make loyal, life-long customers.

Allyn Cutts