January 9, 2012

11 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Sales and Put Money in Your Pocket

1. Advertise Smart

Nothing risked nothing gained… Wise marketers understand the good sense in trying new advertising methods, but don't go out on a limb to experiment.  Are the advertising campaigns you've been using working, but not setting off the explosive response rates that you are looking for?  Try this… experiment with about 20 percent of your advertising budget, and let the remaining 80 percent continue to do its job of keeping a steady stream of customers coming in.

2. Reduce and Multiply

Big isn't always better, sometimes quantity is more effective.  Try reducing the size of your current advertisements and run more.  Surprisingly, short ads often generate more response than long ads.  Yep, keep it short and sweet, and watch the results.

3. Liven up Your Ads

Take a look at your current advertisements.  Are they full of active, lively, colorfully stimulating phrases?  Yeah, get rid of all those boring words and replace them with phrases like…it's as easy as 1, 2, 3… hurry! Don't miss out…Save, save, save!…Act now!…  That's right, keep things hopping and full of action for effective advertising results.

4. Give 'em the Warm Fuzzies

People buy products for the feeling they get from the purchase.  How do you feel when you get a new car?  Yeah, excited, proud and anxious to show it off a little bit.  Keep in mind these feelings, and draw word pictures with your advertisements that will stimulate them.  Yeah, you'll be surprised at the results you'll get from encouraging and dramatizing the desires of your readers.

5. Send Them a Postcard

It only takes a minute to read the back of a postcard.  Most people are just like you – busy, busy, busy.  Regardless of how busy we are, all of us automatically read postcards that are short, clear and concise.  Send postcards with short ads to your target audience, and watch the flood of response sweep in.

6. Pay Your Customers to Advertise

Nothing is more effective than word-of-mouth advertising.  That's right!  Your customers can say it better than you could ever say it, so why not let them?  Yeah, implement a reward program for referrals and watch your sales climb.

7. Say Thank You

It only takes a minute to put a thank you card in the mail to a customer, but the effects of your thoughtful act can create a loyalty that will last a lifetime.  Yep, we all like to be appreciated…your customers do too.

8. Sell to Your Current Customers

The idea that sales growth comes from new customers isn't always true.  Yeah, you can increase sales with the customers you already have!  Have you tried offering them a product that will complement the item they are buying?  What about follow ups?  It's a lot easier to sell more to your current customers than to get new customers through the door.  Don't overlook the potential that's in your store today!

9. Combine Items for Special Sales

Buying in bulk is ALWAYS cheaper…or is it?  Consumers tend to feel that buyer in larger quantities is saving them money.  Take advantage of that feeling.  Group a few products together and advertise a special sale.  Yeah, customers will feel pressured to shell out the dinero before the deal expires!

10. Surprise, Surprise!

Who doesn't like a pleasant surprise?  Yeah we all do, especially after we've made a purchase that our conscience is telling us we shouldn't have.  Do you want to get rid of those after purchase guilt trips for your customers?  Give them a surprise at the register!  They'll leave feeling like it was their lucky day, rather than struggling with the after-the-sale blues.

11. Count the Losses

When we look at sales, we often focus on what will be gained by the purchase.  What about the loss that results from failing to purchase?  Most of us are more affected by losses than by savings.  Let your customers know what they'll be losing by failing to take advantage of your offer.

How many of these techniques are you using?  Try implementing some new strategies and watch for new results!  Yeah, nothing ventured… nothing gained.  Sometimes it pays to take another look at what we're doing, and take it up a notch.  Give these 11 tips a try, and watch your sales skyrocket!

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