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Free Training Event: Future Marketing

Ryan Deiss
The 7 Hot New Digital Marketing Strategies That Will TRIPLE Your Business In 2012

During this free (and ultra-timely) training you will learn:

  • Strategy #1: How to get your products listed at the top of in the largest BUYER search engine in the world (and no, it's not Google)
  • Strategy #2: The secret “backdoor” into Apple iTunes that puts your marketing message in front of over 300 MILLION active buyers
  • Strategy #3: How to tap into a little-known program that allows you to get thousands (or even tens of thousands) of clicks from Google AdWords…totally RISK-FREE!
  • Strategy #4: The brain-dead simple YouTube strategy that gets you free traffic from Google in 36 hours or less…
  • Strategy #5: The Obama-approved squeeze page that nearly TRIPLES the opt-ins to your homepage…
  • Strategy #6: Micro Offers – How charging less money can make you twice as much profit in 2012…
  • Strategy #7: The “Hands-Free SEO” Method that gets you top rankings and a flood of free traffic for $20 (or less)…
  • …PLUS 5 bonus split-test results too good to mention here.

Again, the training is free. It's my “New Years Gift” to you, and a way that we can both start 2012 off on the right foot.

Register now using the form to your right. Do it now before all the seats are taken…