Here's How You Can Quickly Grow Revenue In Your Business Ownership With The Power Of Email Marketing

Step-by-Step Videos Will Walk You Through Everything.
If You Can Simply Check Your e-Mail, You Can Totally Do This!

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Here’s How You Can Use Existing Clients To Grow Your Business Fast!

Look, running your own business in 2017 is hard. Getting new customers and selling more to your existing customers can be your business’ life blood.

Let me show you how easy you can seriously increase your cash flow using simple Email Marketing with my step-by-step video training!

If You Own A Business And Need To Generate Extra Revenue Fast Today Is Your Lucky Day

If you own a Business Ownership and you do not have an Email Marketing strategy bringing you more local customers booking appointments, “It’s Costing You Profits In Your, Business Ownership

Need More Clients for your Business Ownership? Then you really need to learn how Email Marketing will make your phone ring off the hook. Get started today! Leads For Your, Local Business

As a Business you need this more than anyone. If you do not have an Email Marketing strategy that is dialed in then “You Are Leaving Money on the Table in your Business Ownership

Using Email Marketing To Grow Your Business Ownership,This Is The Easiest Way To Increase Bookings Today!

You would be stunned if you knew how many local business owners and other Business Companies just like you still have not made the small investment of time required to grow their business using simple Email Marketing.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses just like yours that would make more sales and money if they used email better in their business but they just do not have the knowledge to get a good Email Marketing program started.

In this day and age it is essential that anyone running a business like yours not only has a big Online presence, but an amazing Email Marketing program automatically generating new leads and bookings everyday. Any Business Ownership that does not have an Email Marketing program in place is losing customers and more importantly they are losing money.

If your Local Business is ready to take the next step towards more bookings which quickly turn into more revenue, with less effort, listen carefully.

The most successful businesses today focus their efforts on building great relationships with existing customers. Your existing customers are like a vault full of money, just waiting for someone who knows how to crack the combination. Today's consumer is always connected to the Internet. 83% of your customers get email on their mobile phones. You can reach those customers and turn downtime into profits with just a few of my easy to implement strategies.

Grow Your Local Audience, Book More Appointments & Boost Sales Easily With An Amazing Email Marketing Strategy…

In the past, most businesses focused their efforts on getting new clients. But do you know where most successful companies focus their efforts today? Repeat customers. Here's why.

New customers are difficult to find, difficult to sell to, and expensive to get. Aren't you tired of billboards, radio spots, newspaper ads and tacking your business card to a message board at the grocery store, just in the hopes of getting that new customer?

As one of the best Business Companies in your area you need all the tools possible to dominate your local market. If you are not already marketing heavily with email and seeing great results from those efforts then now is the time to take action, you need this like yesterday!

The bottom line is this. If your Business Ownership does not have a solid Email Marketing strategy in place “You Are Losing Customers and You Are Leaving Heaps of Money on The Table!”

Email Marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you can use for growing sales and keeping relationships strong with customers in your Business Ownership. When combined with email lead capture pages on your website and manual email address capture when customers visit you in your place of business off-line through sign ups for the loyalty programs you can drive more sales and conversions both on and off-line using simple email contact tools. With customer-driven insights and email automation, sending messages to your customers is easy and traceable so you can measure results on customer retention and sales conversion.

Our video training system will help you kick-start your Email Marketing programs and strengthen your customer relationships. This will lead to more leads and revenue for your Business Ownership.

Email Will Grow Your Business Ownership…

According to Verizon and Small Business Trends, 29% of Local Businesses get customers through Email Marketing. Additionally word of mouth brings 85% of Business. With Email Marketing a number of your messages will be passed on by prospects to additional potential clients.

With a solid Email Marketing campaign you can count on those emails being shared bringing even more customers through the door. You need to be in regular contact with clients through email to keep them coming back and to help them share news about your special offers.

So now let me ask you how much is not having an email strategy in place going to cost you in your Business Ownership this year?

How Many Customers Would Buy Again And Again When You Send The Right Kind of Email Promo Offers To Them?

According to an Email Marketing Congress research report 50 percent more mobile users are likely to visit your business within 2 days after receiving a compelling special offer, via email promoting a limited time sales offer run by your business on a bi-weekly basis.

Research says these people are more likely to use your services just after receiving a well written special offer once they visit your business, as 18 percent more often than had they not received your message, compared to 7 percent for regular walk in traffic.

If you do not have a Email Marketing system ready to bring these local customers back to you on a more regular basis then it is costing you customers and money in your Local Business.

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Here’s How You Can Use Existing Clients To Grow Your Business Fast!

Look, running your own business in 2017 is hard. Getting new customers and selling more to your existing customers can be your business’ life blood.

Let me show you how easy you can seriously increase your cash flow using simple Email Marketing with my step-by-step video training!

Today You Increase Business In Your Business Ownership When You Know The Right Words To Email Your Clients…

Step-By-Step Email Marketing Videos…

Watch Our Step by Step lessons and learn how you can use Email Marketing to make your customers come back twice as often and spend more money than they currently do with your business! Other Business Companies in your area will have no idea whats happening as you start to dominate your local market.

When you join Email Marketing for Business Companies today you get access to our full training library where we will walk you through everything you need to know to bring in more customers, more repeat sales, and more revenue all within the next 30 days.

Modules 1 - Lessons

1.1 – Terminology

In this video we will get started by talking about some basic eMail Marketing Terminology.

1.2 – Snapshot

Here's our Snapshot or birds eye view of a simple 3 step process email marketing campaign for your Auto Dealership

1.3 – Email Components

In this video we will talk about the Components of eMail Marketing and what a creative is.

1.4 – Benefits vs Features

Let's talk about the Benefits vs Features of email marketing in your Auto Dealership

1.5 – Subject Lines

One of the most important parts of marketing with eMail is always your email Subject Line.

1.6 – Email Body

The body copy is where you will capture your prospects interest. There are many ways to use the eMail body but we always have one goal.

1.7 – Call To Action

The all traffic report lists all the sources sending traffic to our website including, search engine traffic, pay per click, and direct traffic.

1.8 – List Building

What is your eMail List and what can it do for you?

1.9 – Module 1 Close

Module One of Email Marketing for Auto Dealership Conclusion and Recap.

Modules 2 - Lessons

2.1 – Email Marketing Tools And Technical Stuff

In this video we will go over Tools and Technical Stuff that will help get you started with using eMail Marketing in your Auto Dealership.

2.2 – Autoresponder Layout

Here I will introduce you to Autoresponders and what they can do for you in your Auto Dealership.

2.3 – Sequential Campaigns

Sequential Campaigns will help you automate your entire email process and turn your eMail Marketing into a machine that works for you day and night.

2.4 – Stats To Know

Here we will get into talking about Statistics every business needs to know to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

2.5 – Broadcasting

Broadcasting email will help you reach many potential customers fast when you need to get your message our instantly. This works great for bringing fast income into your Auto Dealership.

2.6 – List Segmentation

In this video we will get into a more detailed overview of Segmenting Your List and providing tailored content to specific groups of people.

2.7 – Advanced Segmentation

Here we will talk about Advanced Segmentation ideas that can help bring more money into your business fast.

2.8 – Lead Magnets

In this video we will go over how to add more leads onto your email lists so you can expand your customer base.

2.9 – Resources and Tips

With the right tools you can do anything. Here are a few Resources and Tips to help get you started.

2.10 – Module 2 Close

Module 2 of Email Mastery for Auto Dealership wrap-up and review.

Modules 3 - Lessons

3.1 – Your Avatar

Building a relationship with your prospect list so they will buy more often from you and your Auto Dealership.

3.2 – Do and Do Not

Keeping your subscribers loyal and happy customers for life.

3.3 – Communication

Communication and what it can do to grow your business and your brand.

3.4 – Just Ask

Asking your customers what they want, they are happy to tell you!

3.5 – After The Sale

Going the extra mile after the sale will bring people back again and again to your Auto Dealership.

3.6 – Becoming The Expert

Content that builds relationships and brands you as the expert in your field.

3.7 – Retaining vs New

Keeping Auto Dealership customers happy makes you more money, it's just common sense.

3.8 – Make It Personal

How to make it personal - the art of the soft sell and how to use it in your Auto Dealership.

3.9 – Module 3 Close

Module 3 of Email Marketing for Auto Dealership Wrap-up and review.

Modules 4 - Lessons

4.1 – Marketing Myths

Words of Persuasion, how to use word to get what you want from clients in your Auto Dealership.

4.2 – Game Plan

How the art of selling works in the real world, email marketing truths for Auto Dealership.

4.3 – Subject Line Paradox

The subject line paradox, using conflicting elements.

4.4 – Benficial Bonus

Give your Auto Dealership clients and prospects more than they bargained for with a beneficial bonus.

4.5 – Lizard Brain

How you can use animal instincts to entrap your clients and prospects lizard brain.

4.6 – Preframing You Offer

Pre-framing an offer for your Auto Dealership, subtle elements to make your offer more appealing.

4.7 – Campaign Kickstarter

Auto Dealership Campaign Kickstarter, ideas to get your creative juices flowing

4.8 – Formatting Tips

Email formatting tips, making your content easy to digest.

4.9 – Real World Practice

Real world practice using example emails to get readers engaged.

4.10 – Module 4 Close

Module 4 of Email Marketing wrap-up and review plus a little homework.

Modules 5 - Lessons

5.1 – Marketing Types

Personality Training, increasing action conversion rates in your Auto Dealership with psychology.

5.2 – Marketing Combinations

Marketing combinations and how to put it together in your Auto Dealership.

5.3 – Four Personality Types

Show some personality, dealing with different personality types in your Auto Dealership.

5.4 – Putting it Together

Putting It All Together, how to craft your Auto Dealership's emails for maximum appeal.

5.5 – Marketing Sample

Bringing It All Together, writing for your specific audience in your Auto Dealership.

5.6 – Module 5 Close

Module 5 of Email Marketing wrap-up and review.

5.7 – Email Course Conclusion

Email Marketing Course overview and recap.

Get Your Customers Back More Often To Spend More Money!

Watch Our Step by Step lessons and learn how you can use Email Marketing to make your customers come back twice as often and spend more money than they currently do with your business! Other Business Companies in your area will have no idea whats happening as you start to dominate your local market.

When you stay in constant contact with your prospects sending them helpful information they can use and then supplement this information with an occasional “special offer” you will stay fresh in their mind and they will come back and use your services more often.

Just A Little About Our Powerful System Features…

Our community style members area gives you access to other members that are Business Companies just like you so you will be able to compare notes with other members in the same business as you all over the world. Our lessons will walk you through everything you need to know to grow your Local Business easily to dominate your local niche market!

Write Like A Real Pro

Learn How To Write Persuasive Email That Generates Cash On Demand For Less Than Dinner & Drinks For Two.

Full Members Community

With Access To Our Full Members Community Powered by Facebook, you can bounce ideas off of other members while you grow your Local Business with email.

Makes You More Cash

Your Customers Have An Instant Way To Know Every Time You Decide To Run A Special Promotion To Make Fast Cash!

Learn Every Detail

Watch also as we teach you every detail of how to grow your Business Ownership using simple Email Marketing to bring in more clients and sales right away!

Easily Grow Your Audience

Once You Know How To Sell With Email You’ll Attract New Clients & Make More Sales In Your Business Ownership.

Easily Grow Your Audience

Once You Know How To Sell With Email You’ll Attract New Clients & Make More Sales In Your Business Ownership.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Let me show you how you can build your own amazing Email Marketing system to grow your Business Ownership client base and revenue. Sign-up for my step-by-step Email Marketing video training today and if after watching all of the videos and following the steps you do not see a serious increase in monthly revenue in the next 60 days that helps you grow your current business I will happily refund 100% of your investment, it’s that simple.

Today You Increase Business In Your Business Ownership When You Know The Right Words To Email Your Clients…

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today

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Get Instant Access To Email Marketing for Business Companies and learn how you can seriously increase your current customer base. Plus get customers back more often to spend more on your products and services!

With my “No Quibble Money Back Guarantee” you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here’s What You Get When You Order Access To Email Marketing for Business Companies Today:

  • Access To all 51 Lessons Including Over 5 Hours Of Video Training
  • Full Transcripts & Audio Downloads of All 51 Video Training Lessons
  • Access To Our Email Marketing for Business Companies Community To Exchange Ideas With Other Members
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No Experience Necessary.. if you can check email you can build an “Amazing Email Marketing System” with our easy to follow step-by-step videos!

Get started today so you can become know as one of the best Business Companies in your local market and watch your Business Ownership explode with new clients and revenue!



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IMPORTANT NOTE: While our system will absolutely give you the knowledge to grow your Local Business using the power of Email Marketing this is still not a magic solution to growing your Business Ownership. While we can teach you how to use Email Marketing in your business we are in no way promising that you will become an Email Marketing expert simply from watching our training. This is an introductory training to teach you some Email Marketing basics. Professional Advertising Agencies have years of training. We are not promising you that you will get the results of marketing pros that have years in this business. As with everything in life and business the harder you work at something the better your results will be. While we can not promise you an increase in income by using Email Marketing in your business, we can promise you that if you work hard and take action on all the steps we cover in this course, you will definitely get more clients and customers that you currently do which will lead to more business for your Business Ownership, it’s as simple as that. We are not promising miracles but you will see great results depending on how much time you put into this and if you do the work necessary to manage your business Email Marketing needs. Please do not order unless you fully understand this..

Have A Question? We Are Always Here To Help…

While the video lessons in the members area are 100% step-by-step and ultra easy to follow, we are always available to you if you run into any problems. Just send us an email any time you get stuck and we are here to help. Consider us your go-to helping hand while you build out your new Email Marketing program for your Local Business.

Q. Will still work for me even if I have no technical experience?

A. We have designed this course in a simple step-by-step fashion so anyone will be able to build their own email list with no previous experience. With our system you will be able to build your own massive email list and market to that list by yourself after watching the training videos. If you can check email, you can totally do this.


Q. How long will it take until I can start seeing results?

A. The videos run about five hours long and the steps to implement can happen in less than a day. Since this may be your first time doing this they can take a bit longer as you may need to watch a few of the videos more than once, but there is no reason you should not be able to build out your new email list and marketing system over one weekend.


Q. Are there any additional monthly fees or will I own everything I need to get started outright.

A. As mentioned above you will need an email auto responder and you will want to add some opt-in forms on your website. If you do not have a website you can still build an email list from walk in clients but this will take a little longer depending on the size of your current client base.


Q. If I run into any problems will support be available.

A. While this is a easy to follow do it yourself Email Marketing system for Business Companies and we do cover everything you could possibly need to know in the videos you can always contact us if you run into any problems and we will help you the best we can. While we can not build your email list for you we can help if you run into any problems, but the videos really will enable you to build a list of customers you can sell to again and again.

Q. Is there anything else I will need to buy for this to work for me.

A. You will need an email auto responder, and these systems are not expensive. You can find a good one between $20 and $50 a month to start out, but this will be easily paid for by just one extra clients business each month. Once your get your Email Marketing system in place it will more than pay for itself.


Q.I am just starting out in my Local Business and do not have time to do this myself, can I let someone in my office do this for me?.

A. Yes you can absolutely let one of your staff members use the training to build your email list and handle your Email Marketing for you. This is a great project for someone like a receptionist who may have downtime throughout the day to watch the videos and build your Email Marketing system for you when they are not busy with other tasks.


Q. Do you have any suggestions about where we can find someone to write my Email Marketing messages for me.

A. Yes we do mention a few places you can outsource this kind of writing to. Our staff is also available for hire to not only setup your auto responders but to also fill them with professionally written marketing messages that will bring your customers back to you buying more than even before.


Q. You mentioned in your sales video that I can turn my existing customers into more income. Will this still work for me if I just started my Business Ownership and have no customers yet?

A. The video training will teach you step-by-step how to build a very profitable email list that you can sell to again and again even if you are a brand new business and do not have any existing customers. If you do have existing customers you will learn how to get them to buy again and again more often, but if you are a brand your Business Ownership is brand new you will also learn how to grow an email list from scratch that you can market your products and services to right away.